Funny Feet


Funny Feet

Pictures by Theo Egberts
Pattern by Thelma Egberts

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a lively family of gnomes lived in peace. All day long they ran around and walked about, doing this and doing that. One sad day their restless activity angered a wicked witch. She hexed them all into stone garden gnomes, unable to move an inch. There wasn’t anything the good fairy could do to break the curse. Except for one thing: enchanting them into socks. Since that day the gnomes walk around and run about again, carried by children feet.
Like all fairy tales, this is a true story. And here is the magic spell to knit these socks for your own lively gnome! 

These socks are knit in one piece, including ears and nose. This is done by inc’s and dec’s and working short rows. Hairdo is knit (or crocheted) in fur/loop stitch.  Eyes and mouth are embroidered later on.  You can give the gnomes various expressions. Also you can vary the hairdo’s and add details. Use your creativity to make your sock gnomes unique.

European shoe size: 24/25 - 26/27 - 28/29 - 30/31 - 32/33 and 34/35)


Orange faced sock
[MC] Lana Grossa Meilenweit Primo; [420 m/100 g skein] ; color: 4305,
[CC] Phildar Lambswool [147 Yds / 50 g skein]; color: Curry 076
1 [1]  skeins (about 40 g of each color)

Grey faced sock:
[MC and CC’s] Steinbach Wolle, Strapaz [ca. 150 m  per 50g skein];
(colorways out of production)

Black faced sock
[MC] Lana Grossa [Meilenweit Primo; 420 m/100 g skein] ; color:  4305, [CC’s] Steinbach Wolle, Strapaz [ca. 150 m m per 50g skein] color: black 888 ;
1 [1]  skeins (about 40 g of each color) 

Contrasting yarn or embroidery floss (for finishing details)
1 setUS#1/2,5 mm double-point needles or circ’s (or needle size that will obtain gauge)
(1 crochet hook 2,5 mm optional)
5 stitch markers
tapestry needle
tapestry yarn, embroidery yarn 
and/or 'fun liner' for textiles, like this one.

About 32 s, 48 rows = 4 inch/10 cm


Knitting abbreviations:

BO: bind off
CO: cast on
k: knit
p: purl
mrk: marker(s)
st: stitch
sts: stitches
CC: contrasting colour
MC: main colour
inc: increase
dec: decrease[ing]
Dpn: double pointed needle(s)
k2tog: knit 2 stitches together
sl: slip 1 stitch without knitting
Psso: pass slipped stitch(es)over

or fur stitch
k 1 but don’t let it slide from left needle. Bring the yarn in front of the work between the two needles. Wind the yarn around your left thumb. Place yarn into back of work again. Knit the same s (off the left needle) again and let it drop. Now pass the first s over the second to secure the loop. Withdraw your thumb front the loop.

Crocheted fur stitch
Insert hook in first st, swing hook around yarn from left to right clockwise. Using head of hook, grab yarn under fingers and draw through work leaving formed loop over index finger. Drop loop to backside and pick up end of yarn, YO, draw through remaining loops on hook. video shown here

1x1 Rib (Worked over an even number of sts):
All Rows: [K1, p1] to end.

LLinc: Left-leaning Lifted Increase. Insert left needle, from front to back, into the top of the st two rows below the st just knit. Knit into the back of this sts.  

RLinc: Right-leaning Lifted Increase. Insert your right needle, from front to back, into the top of the sts below the first stitch on the left needle. Place this sts on left needle, and knit into the back of st.

Wrap & Turn:
For nose and heel you’ll knit short rows with wraps & turns. For this, I prefer Cat Borhi’s way, watch her video at YouTube


Shoesize 24/25 and 26/27 and 28/29: CO 52 with MC;

Shoesize 30/31: CO 56 with MC
Shoesize 32/33 and 34/35: CO 60 with MC
Divide sts over 4 needles and join to begin working in the round (be careful not to twist). Place marker to indicate beginning of round.
If you want to crochet the hairdo later on, work 6 rounds 1x1 rib (and crochet fur st after finishing the sock).

If you want to knit hair right away, work like this:
round 1: k. all sts
round 2: k1,  k 1 loop; repeat these 2 sts till end of round
round 3: k1 loop, k1, repeat till end of round
round 4, 5, 6, 7: work 1 x 1 rib sts

Leg with ears and nose
Change to CC.
Work 4 rounds Dec. 4 sts in the first row (48, 52, 56 sts)

Each ear is knit between two markers. A purl stitch points out the middle of this ear. Per ear, every second round 4 increases are made: after marker 1, before purl st, after purl st and before marker 2. (Exept in round 1 (no inc’s) and round 2 (2 sts inc). Knit these inc. rounds until there are 21 st between markers. This is the point when you start knitting the nose. After that, go on with the decreasing part of the ears.

At first the ears won’t look like ears, but hang on. They will show when you fold and close them later on.

Ears part 1, (increasing): 
Round 1: *k 21 (23, 25) place mrk, k1, p1, k1, place mrk * repeat from * once till end of round(3 sts between mrk)
Round 2: *k21 (23, 25) mrk, k1, LLinc, p1, RLinc, k1, mk.  22 r, mrk* repeat from * (5 st between mrk)
Round 3: work sts like they show (k, except for 1 p in each ear)
Round 4: *k21 (23, 25) mrk, k1, LLinc, k. until 1 st before purl st, k1, LLinc, p1, RLinc, k1, k. until 1 st before mrk, RLinc, k1, mrk, repeat from * (9 sts between mrk)
Repeat round 3 and 4 until there are 21 sts between each pair of mrk’s
End with round 3.
You are half way, now knit the nose first.

Nose is knitted between the ears (of course) in front of sock. It is knitted in short rows over 10 sts.
Row 1:, k15 (16, 17)  W&T
Row 2: (WS) p9, W&T
Row 3: (RS) k8, W&T
Continue this way, leaving one extra sts unknit each row until there is 1 st left. Then row by row, pick up all sts again, 1 in each row. After the last sts is picked up (RS), knit till end of round. (NB very last wrapped stitch will only be knitted after complete round is finished) 

Ears part 2 (decreasing)
Round 1: work sts like they show (k, exept for 1 p in each ear)
Round 2: *k till mrk, mrk, k2tog front to back k until last 2 sts before purl sts, k2tog back to front, p1, k2tog front to back, k until last 2 st before purl sts, k2tog back to front, mrk,  repeat from*
Repeat round 1 and 2 until there are 5 sts between mrk’s.
Knit one round.
Next round: *k until mrk, mrk, k2tog front to back, p1, k2tog back to front, mrk. Repeat from *
Remove ear markers.
Work 6 rounds
Break yarn, change to MC and knit till required length of leg.

TIP: Start with a few rounds 1x1 ribbing here. It will look like your sock gnome wears a brimmed sweater. It will also help the socks to stay put on the child’s feet. 

For this sock the jojo heel was chosen, because it corresponds nicely with the nose. Of course you may knit any other heel you are familiar with.
The heel is worked back and forth over the back half of the sock. Take care not to knit the heel on the side where the nose is!
Place 24 (26, 28) on one needle.
Row 1 (RS) k. until last st. W&T
Row 2 (WS) p. until last st. W&T
Repeat these two rows, knitting one less st each row.

When there are 8 (8, 9) wrapped sts on each side (and 9 (10, 10) unwrapped st in the middle) start knitting the wrapped sts again, one more in each row. Work until all wrapped st are knit.

Work in the round until required footlength. (Size 24/25: 12,5 cm. Size 26/27: 14 cm. Size 28/29: 14 cm. Size 30/31: 15,5. Size 32/33: 17 cm. Size 34/35: 18 cm)
Toe will measure about 1 ¼ inch/3,5 cm.

NB check your gauge again. If your gauge differs, you may end up with a longer toe. If so, decrease every other round directly from beginning of toe.

Round 1: k2tog, k20 (22, 24), s1, k1 psso, k2tog, k20 (22, 24) s1, k1, psso;
Round 2, 3, 4: k
Round 5: k2tog, k18 (20, 22), s1, k1, psso, k2tog, k18 (20, 22), s1, k1, psso;
Round 6, 7: k
Round 8: k2tog, k16 (18, 20), s1, k1, psso, k2tog, k16 (18, 20), s1, k1, psso;
Round 9, 10: k
Round 11: k2 tog, k14 (16, 18), s1, k1, psso, k2tog, k14 (16, 18), s1, k1, psso;
Round 12: k
Round 13: k2, tog, k12 (14, 16), s1, k1, psso, k2tog, k12 (14, 16), s1, k1, psso;
Round 14: k
Round 15 – 20: Knit decrease row (knitting 2 sts less between decreases) until 10 sts remain. 

Cut thread and pull trough remaining sts. Secure.

Knit the second sock. 

Weave in ends and turn sock to right side.
Fold ears and sew together.
Embroider eyes and mouth, or use 'fun liner'.
If you didn't knit hair, make hairdo by crocheting loop stitch on edge of cuff. Work on the WS!

Tip: for different hairdo you may cut the loops into straight fringes. You can also add braids.
Tip: add earrings.