'Shy’ is a interesting and not very difficult lace hat. It's knit in the round and has a sloppy, slouchy shaping.  It's a fast knit, because of the bulky yarn. The lace motif is built of simple triangles. (Sorry, no charts yet, but they will be added later.) 


One (grown up)

Do you want it bigger?

The pattern is based on a sts pattern of 14 sts, repeated 5 times. So you will cast on 70 sts. If that’s not enough, you add a pattern repeat and cast on 84 sts.

Or you can add an extra row to the sts pattern. Then you cast on 80 sts and start sts pattern (rnd 19) like this:  *yo, k6, s2k1 psso, k6, yo, k1 [5 times].


Zettl, Monte Carlo, bit more than 1 skein (56 g); (74% polyacryl, 10% alpaca, 10% wool, 6% viscose), fiber content (109 yd/100 m per 50 g) color: Lilac 0708

1 set US #7/4,5 mm double-point needles 


Mine: 4#/10 cm = 14 sts/21 rows on ndl size #7/4,5 mm (Lace sts)

According to label: 4#/10 cm = 14 sts/18r on ndl size  #10,5 or 11/7 mm (st. st.)

List of knitting Abbreviations(Used in this pattern)
[ ]: work instructions within brackets as many times as directed
CO: cast on
st or sts: stitch or stitches
k: knit
p: purl
yo: yarn over
k2tog: knit 2 s together
tbl: through back loop
s1: slip one
psso: pas slipped stitch over
BO: bind off
RS: right side
WS: wrong side
dpn: double pointed needle(s)
ssk: a decrease: slip, slip, knit these 2 stitches together
St st: stockinet stitch/stocking stitch


CO 70 st (connect in the round, place marker if you like)
1 – 10: k1, p1
Rnd 11: Fold brim double inwards. Knit one row, working edge sts and working sts together. (or sew brim up later)
Rnd 12 and 13: p70
Rnd 14 and 15: k70
Rnd 16 and 17: p70

Rnd 18: k all
Rnd 19: *yo, k5, s2k1 psso, k5, yo, k1 [5 times]
Rnd 20 and all even rnds: k
Rnd 21: *k1,yo, k4, s2k1psso, k4, yo, k2 [5 times]
Rnd 23: *k2, yo, k3, s2k1psso, k3, yo, k3 [5 times]
Rnd 25 *k3, yo, k2, s2k1psso, k2, yo, k4 [5 times]
Rnd 27: *k4, yo, k1, s2k1psso, k1, yo, k5 [5 times]
Rnd 29: *k5, yo, s2k1psso, yo, k6 [10 times]

 Rnd 31: *k5, yo, k1, yo, k5, s2k1psso [5 times]
Rnd 33: *k4, yo, k3, yo, k4, s2k1psso [5 times]
Rnd 35: *k3, yo, k5, yo, k3, s2k1psso [5 times]
Rnd 37: *k2, yo, k7, yo, k2, s2k1psso [5 times]
Rnd 39: *k1, yo, k9, yo, k1, s2k1psso [5 times]
Rnd 41: *yo, k11, yo, s2k1psso [5 times]

Repeat row 19 – 30 once more.
For extra length: repeat 30 – 42 too.


Rnd 1: k4, s2k1psso [10 times] (50 sts left)
Rnd 2 and all even rnds: k
Rnd 3: k3, s2k1psso [10 times]   (40 sts left)
Rnd 5: k2, s2k1psso [10 times]   (20 sts left)
Rnd 7: s2k1psso [10 times]   (10 sts left)

Cut yarn, darn yarn through sts, pull tight and secure.
Weave in yarn ends and block hat. Wear! 

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