Llace lama

This blue Llama hat combines chevron stitch with a lace motif. We have seen eyelets (created by double yarn overs), but this is extra special. It's a pity the lace pattern gets a bit 'messy' when it crosses the garter sts rows. Testknitter Froukje solved this by working the lace pattern only in between the garter sts parts. She added simple eyelets (yo, k1, yo) instead. (Increases are necessairy here for the chevron sts part en shaping of the sides).

Another solution: only knit garter sts before and after the lace pattern!

(The pattern to this version will follow soon)

This is a fragment of a photo taken in Peru, by Thomas Quine (see Flickr)

Thelma's proto type

Froukjes version of the Llama Lace hat.

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