Small Hills Hat 

Small Hills Hat

Looking for a sloppy lace hat that is both  sturdy and feminine? Want a lace pattern that is easy to remember, and yet interesting enough to keep you going? This hat could be the one!

Thelma saw a picture of a structured lace hat in an advertising leaflet. She liked it very much. But although the leaflet was from a fashion store, the shop didn’t sell this particular hat. So what could she do but to knit a hat like that herself? The picture of the other hat was used for inspiration.


The pattern is written and charted. (Charts thanks to
Instructions to knit the hat beanie style in stead of sloppy are given.
The lace pattern consists of 12 sts (repeated 6 times) and 30 rounds (repeated 3 times). The crown is 15 rounds high.



Width: 46 cm unstretched
Length: 28 cm

Sizing tip:
When the hat circumfence turns out too small and you don’t want to change yarn or needles, it’s easy to add 6 sts by expanding the lace pattern.
The original chart has 12 sts x 6 making 72 sts. The larger version will have 13 sts x 6 making 78 sts
Rnd 1:  k,p,k,yo,ssk,[p]8,
Rnd 3: k,p,k,k, yo, ssk, p7
Rnd 5: k,p,k,k2, yo, ssk, p6 etc.

If you need to make the hat about 12 sts larger, it’s easier to just add an extra patternrepeat (12 sts x 7 makes 84 sts). In this case it’s probably nessecary to also lenghten the hat by working the lace pattern 4 times in stead of 4 times.



1 1/2 skein Phildar Pegase + [50 g; 98 yd/90 m per 50 g skein]; color: Flanelle
1 set US #6/4 mm double-point needles
1 stitch marker (if preferred)


# 16 sts/# 26 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch/pattern stitch (see sizing tip above)


C.O. 72 sts, devide over 3 dpn’s and connect in the round

Rnd 1 – 6: *k1, p1, repeat from *till end

Knit one more round, then start lace pattern.


Rnd 1:  k,p,k,yo,ssk,[p]7,

Rnd 2 and all even rounds: knit

Rnd 3: k,p,k,yo,k,ssk,[p]6,

Rnd 5: k,p,k,yo,[k]2,ssk,[p]5,

Rnd 7: k,p,k,yo,[k]3,ssk,[p]4,

Rnd 9: k,p,k,yo,[k]4,ssk,[p]3,

Rnd 11: k,p,k,yo,[k]5,ssk,[p]2,

Rnd 13: k,p,k,yo,[k]6,ssk,p

Rnd 15: k,p,k,yo,[k]7,ssk,

Rnd 17: k,p,k,[p]7,k2tog,yo,

Rnd 19: k,p,k,[p]6,k2tog,k,yo,

Rnd 21: k,p,k,[p]5,k2tog,[k]2,yo,

Rnd 23: k,p,k,[p]4,k2tog,[k]3,yo,

Rnd 25: k,p,k,[p]3,k2tog,[k]4,yo,

Rnd 27: k,p,k,[p]2,k2tog,[k]5,yo,

Rnd 28: k,p,k,p,k2tog,[k]6,yo

Rnd 29: k,p,k, k2tog, [k]7,yo

Rnd 30: knit

Do you want it beanie style, start knitting crown A now.

For a sloppy hat, knit rnd 1 – 16 again and then knit crown B.

Crown A (beanie)










Cut yarn, thread yarn trough remaining sts, pull together and secure.

Weave in end. Block hat. Finished!

Crown B (sloppy):

Rnd 1: k,p,k,[p]7,k2tog

Rnd 2 and all even rounds: knit

Rnd 3: k,p,k,[p]6,k2tog,

Rnd 5: k,p,k,[p]5,k2tog,

Rnd 7: k,p,k,[p]4,k2tog,

Rnd 9: k,p,k,[p]3,k2tog,

Rnd 11: k,p,k,[p]2,k2tog,

Rnd 13: k,p,k,p,k2tog,

Rnd 15: k,p,k,k2tog,


Cut yarn, thread yarn trough remaining sts, pull together and secure.

Weave in end. Block hat. Finished!


Small Hills hat chart

Crown Chart A (Beanie)


 Crown Chart B (sloppy)